Let's make eyeglasses
fashion items in Japan.

We at Zoff have been trying to bring eyeglasses “closer” to the daily lives of as many people as possible in Japan, just like T-shirts or pants. Since the company was established in 2001, I think we have been able to make our contributions, little as they may have been, to creating an environment in which people can wear eyeglasses with finesse and flair.

Fashion is one of the things that are always close to our day-to-day lives. And it keeps changing, just as times change. What kind of thing or service is considered valuable today? As the sense of values diversifies, we are offering products in a variety of styles in fashion that our customers find satisfying or making their lives, even a little, delightful and exciting. We are always hoping to remain a company that can change itself flexibly and evolve with the times and environment.

We at Zoff believe that we should always deal with customers with all sincerity and make contributions to society by offering fine eyewear. Under this philosophy, we strive to give an endlessly refined sense of satisfaction to our customers by training our staff at in-house seminars and giving them on-site work experience.

Zoff Inc. President

Teruhiro Ueno